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About Us

Centre for Indian Political Research and Analysis (CIPRA) is an independent not for profit, non-partisan think tank devoted to the quantitative study of international affairs; Globalisation, World Trade and political economy. We are, committed to moving beyond traditional boundaries as a common search for new ways of studying the inter relational dynamics of politics and economics.

We have a very modest beginning. Way back in February 1996 a small group of journalists, and political scientists jelled the idea to prepare research monographs and reports on contemporary political issues challenging the Indian democracy. There were no authentic publications on such developing subjects. The media was, of course, under its own limitations of time and space.

So CIPRA was born. The task was enormous. We undertook various research and study on the contemporary issues ranging from political parties, coalition politics to diplomacy. We had very limited resource and practically no infrastructure. A self-financing venture totally dependent on the sales of monographs and books.

Gradually we started studying the great Indian democracy which is unique in the world and produced a number of monographs.

In 2000 we published "India and WTO: A Study of the Impact on Indian Economy", which was one of the first book on the subject, analysing the impact of the rules of World Trade Organisation on the Third World in general and Indian Economy in particular. The book got national and international acclaim.

The credibility and accessibility of CIPRA's research has made our publications popular among a cross-section of society, from academicians to business decision makers to the media, students, and the general public.

Now we added terrorism as a separate area of research. Now we have a large database on it and a seven volume monumental work on international terrorism- The Merchants of Terror.

Then some of our friends suggested expanding our expertise to the third world. Starting from China and Africa, our several books and research monographs are on way.

We undertake contract research also.


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