The Merchants of Terror

Pankaj Prasoon


An in-depth analysis of the problem from an independent angle.

It profiles terrorists, terrorist organizations and counter terrorist efforts. Complete in seven volume set based on authentic sources.

Vol. 1 Terrorism: Waiting for a definition  (Excerpt)                                       

Vol. 2 Muslim Terrorism

Vol. 3 Al Qaida, Terrorism in Europe and Latin America

Vol. 4 Bloody Diamonds

Vol. 5 Terrorism in Asia (Excerpt)

Vol. 6 Ultra left terrorism

Vol. 7 Terrorism in India


Technical details:

Font: Trebuchet MS 10 point
Size of paper: A-4
Full Rexene deluxe binding

ISBN- 81-87819-20-0 (set), Price: (Overseas) $2000 per copy (India)-Rs. 21,000 per set,  First Edition: January 2006, Updated 2007